Sunday, October 3, 2010

2NE1 Go Away MV: Why is it awesome?

2NE1 Go Away MV was released almost a month ago and yes I am just blogging about it now. But I have to tell you all, that it is never too late. So why is it awesome? well, first things first, Go Away is a really good song to start with, it has a very cool and catchy melody, good lyrics and skillfully mixed with bad ass rhymes from 2NE1's very own über leader CL. Go Away is written and produced by Teddy Park, no wonder the song is an instant hit  because it is from the same guy who is responsible for almost all of 2NE1's hits including Fire,I Don't Care, Lollipop and Try To Follow Me.

2NE1's Go Away would't be as awesome as it is without the fantastic MV that comes with it. The music video is a love story by concept, a perfect relationship turned disaster, being strong and wise then moving on and if you're thinking about Taylor Swift right now, you absolutely have the wrong idea. Kpop idol MV's mostly contains, for example a female idol group dancing in front of a green screen which takes up 90% of the music videos' total length, so seeing 2NE1's Go Away MV going out of the flashing-rainbow-colored-LEDs route and making the music video with a more free-minded and creative approach is pure joy. Check out what I'm talking about below.

So what do you think of 2NE1's Go Away MV? hate it? love it? please do speak your mind in the comments or cast your vote on the poll on the sidebar on the right. Thanks and see you again soon kpoppers! XD

Go Away is the second track from 2NE1's first full length album called To Anyone. See the complete track list of the album below.

  1. "Can't Nobody"
  2. "Go Away"  
  3. "Clap Your Hands" ("박수쳐," Baksu chyeo)
  4. "I'm Busy" ("난 바빠," Nan babba)
  5. "It Hurts (Slow)" ("아파 (Slow)," Apa (Slow)
  6. "Love is Ouch" ("사랑은 아야야," Sarangeun ayaya)
  7. "You and I" (Bom solo)
  8. "Please Don't Go" (CL and Minzy)
  9. "Kiss" (Dara solo)
  10. "Try to Follow Me" ("날 따라 해봐요," Nal ddara haebwayo)
  11. "I Don't Care" (Reggae Remix)
  12. "Can't Nobody" (English Version)

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