Friday, October 29, 2010

SNSD Hoot MV: Girls' Generation Turned Into Bond Girls

SNSD Hoot MV has finally been released yesterday after some delay which I think is bearable. When the song was released a few days I ago, it was an instant smash hit and if you think that the chorus is catchy you really have to watch the choreography for it in the music video, it is absolutely delicious. Honestly when the teaser for the MV was unveiled I was skeptical about it, maybe because the song is too good that they will have a hard time coming up with a decent if not fantastic MV to level with the awesomeness of Hoot. I was scared.

Then yesterday came and the music video was uploaded to SM Entertainment's official YouTube channel. I started to watch it, still with a bit of worry I hit play, the intro came and it looked interesting. I said to myself that this better be good, and then a mix of sweet and lovely things started to unravel. I was speechless, I couldn't say anything for a few seconds then I just blurted out "Yeah baby! Yeah!" (the way Austin Powers say it) and simultaneously danced to it. Literally. It was embarrassing. But the song and the music video is that groovy. Nothing comes to mind but a new James Bond movie with all nine SNSD members in it, or better yet one full production film for each girl and a 10th film as the grand finale with all of Girls' Generation all together. Maybe I'm asking too much? Seriously, if Ian Fleming is still around, this could inspire him to write another James bond novel while Pierce Brosnan would really consider reprising his role as James Bond. Who wouldn't?

I think I did go a bit over the top with my appreciation for Girls' Generation Hoot MV but y'all can't blame me. Here are the things to look out for in the MV, all these grabbed my attention right on the spot while watching the MV the first time around.

 I'm going to put it in a list to make it easy since my nose is still bleeding for watching the MV over and over again. This is in the order of their appearance in the MV.
  • First, Yoona's hot and tight white outfit. It's simply irresistible.
  • Seo Hyun's white fur cap. It's effin cute! (It looks like a Russian ushanka. Groovy.)
  • Yuri's black leather dress plus choker. It's seductively sexy. Question: Why does she gets to wear the leather dress? Answer: Because she always put it in good use.(Check out what I mean at 1:51)
  • The shooting a bow dance step. If you think the the chorus is catchy, think again.(Loop that part for best results)
  • The black with pink outfits. It is gorgeously fantastic!(This is the main outfit I guess. If SNSD wears this on the first comeback live performance they will be going for the kill.)
  • Soo Young's wickedness. (She gets the leather outfit too!)
  • and of course, my girl Seo Hyun's new brand of loveliness! (She is a natural forest fire.)
I think that's almost all of it, well, if you find anything that catches your attention in the MV and is not on my above list please do share it on the comments below. Say hoot!

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