Thursday, December 9, 2010

T-ara Ji Yeon Ballerina Pictures

t-ara ji yeon ballerina 3
T-ara Ji Yeon became a ballerina for a day courtesy of the T-ara MNET Dream Girls show. I know this an old set of pictures (almost the same time as Ji Yeon’s video controversy which I honestly think is fake and lame.) and for sure I missed it but because I like Ji Yeon which I always believe to be the most awesome T-ara member, I’m still posting these here and I’m going to talk about it. No, there’s nothing you can do about it. So check it out after the jump.

I’ve seen Ji Yeon is almost any kind outfit (sexy and revealing outfits are not counted since T-ara’s contract forbids it. Unless with consent from the girls and who ever is authorized in that matter. Plus, Ji Yeon is still young so I forbid it. XD) there is since T-ara’s debut but I haven’t not yet seen her on this one yet, a ballet tutu? hmmm, interesting. T-ara Ji Yeon as a ballerina is something that you don’t see everyday but yeah she do look awkward in the pictures but maybe because I’m not into ballet or my eyes are not used to seeing Ji yeon like this but she’s still a lovely doll for me.

t-ara ji yeon ballerina 2t-ara ji yeon ballerinat-ara ji yeon ballerina 3

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