Thursday, December 9, 2010

SNSD 25th Golden Disk Awards 2010 Winners


SNSD wins it big in the 25th Golden Disk Awards 2010 and yes it is epic! SNSD had won various awards in the past, a lot of awards, but this is the biggest and the most significant one. So what’s so important about this award? well, the 25th Golden Disk Award is presented annually by no other than the Music Industry Association of Korea to music artists for their outstanding achievements in the music industry. South Korea has a multi billion dollar music industry, maybe not as big as the American music industry now (not yet…) but definitely one of the biggest in Asia. This is why this award matters to all South Korean music artists.

SNSD won both major awards on the 25th Golden Disk Awards 2010 and this is the very first time that one music artist or group received both major awards in the same year since the 25th Golden Disk Awards was established back in 1986. The two major awards is the Disk Daesang award and the Disk Bonsang. SNSD also won a minor award which is the Ceci Popularity Awards bringing home a total of three awards. I never expected Girls’ Generation to win this big, I know that they’re going to win something in the 25th Golden Disk Awards sooner or later but both major awards in the same year? now that is one tough feat to follow. Congratulations my lovely ladies! The 25th Golden Disk Awards 2010 was held earlier today December 9th. My girl Seo Hyun was in tears during her speech when SNSD received the award on stage, I think all Girls’ Generation members are. Tears of extreme joy.

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