Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SNSD Run Devil Run Album Scans Pictures

SNSD Run Devil Run Album scans pictures finally pop out today. The official release date of the album is tommorrow March 24th. So if your wondering why these album jacket scans arrived today it's because there are limited copies being sold for press release. So far I found Yoona and Taeyon's scans plus the back of the album insert that contains all the autographs of the 9 members of Girls' Generation that is so sweet! Plus scans of the alternate cover of Girls' Gneration Run Devil Run album! Wow! Who is that? it us still Yoona? I hope its Seo Hyun! LOL. Check out the scans...


Anonymous said...

it's yoona

drifoy said...

yeah it's yoona thanks for dropping by ^__^

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