Saturday, March 27, 2010

SNSD Run Devil Run Pictures for iPhone and iPod touch

SNSD Run Devil Run pictures for iPhone and iPod touch is part of an iPod application called Run Devil Run Lite. It includes a pictures gallery of all nine members of Girls' Generation and sample tracks of their latest album Run Devil Run. The application is available in the Apple iTunes store for free.

Download Run Devil Run Lite for iPhone and iPod touch

For those who doesn't own an iPhone or iPod touch like me, this is your lucky day because I have the complete set of pictures of  Girls' Generation, yes, same ones found in the application. But first let me tell you about the pictures.There are a total of 39 pictures on the set, you might some of them already but there are a lot of new pictures including  the white version outfits in Run Devil Run. Also there are behind the scene shots which I think is from the making of the MV and the girls of SNSD are looking so fine.

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