Thursday, April 1, 2010

After School Bang! Mini Album Review

After School Bang! Mini Album has a total of four songs in it including the carrier single Bang!. The other songs are Let's Do It which is an intro song (it's only 1 minute and 22 seconds in length) in the album and With U as the third track and an instrumental version of Bang! as the fourth and last track. This album is the first appearance of After School's eight member Lizzy.

Let's Do It is a typical intro song which has one purpose and that is to get you in the mood. The sound of the track is loyal to After School's new concept and the beats are just right for the theme. The MV on the other hand just caught me off guard. The After School girls are like sexy toy soldiers walking around banging on the drums. For me it is something fresh and weird but still very sexy. Check it out below.

Bang! is an awesome song. I loved it upon hearing it for the first time. It's fun, cool and classy. It's a great song to play over and over again. Your kpop playlist won't be complete without Bang!

With U is a ballad. Yes it's another lovely ballad. I liked When I Fall so I have high expectations for this one and it did lived up to it. I have no problem if ever After School would release an all ballad album. Their voice are perfect for the genre.

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