Friday, April 16, 2010

Lee Hyori Chitty Chitty Bang Bang MV

Lee Hyori Chitty Chitty Bang Bang MV, the carrier single off of her brand new 4th album h-logic has a pretty awesome MV. You can see a lot of scenes inspired by Western movies,for example the intro for the MV is similar to a scene in District 9 and there's an interrogation scene that I believe is straight from The Day The Earth Stood Still. The whole MV is cool and intense. Edgy dance moves and a song that will get stuck in your head and stay there easily. The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang MV is banned KBS because they considered it as Inappropriate. I guess the Kpop Queen's latest offering is just too hot for them. On the other hand got the green light from MBC and SBS. Therefore I conclude that the Kpop Queen Lee Hyori did it again as usual and that proves only one thing, Lee Hyori is the Kpop Queen and she will be staying in the throne.

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