Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainbow Jae Kyung Twitter Selca Picture

Rainbow Jae Kyung Twitter Selca Picture. First, let me just say, that is some seriously super gorgeous selca picture! wow! wow! wow! sorry I just did go over the top there. Now down to the info, Jae Kyung is a member of the seven member girl group Rainbow under DSP Entertainment (KARA's management company) which debuted late last year with the song Gossip Girl.

Personally, I didn't know about Rainbow I've seen the name pop out here and there but it never really did grab my attention, until now. And all because of this, Jae Kyung 's selca picture. So if you'll excuse me I have some Rainbow home work to do. Just a thought, what a beautiful face to start the week! LOL. Don't forget to click the picture for the bigger version.

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catalin0745932170 at yahoo dot com said...

i love this rainbow girl, she's so sexy

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