Sunday, April 4, 2010

Secret Magic MV Shakingly Sexy

Secret Magic MV was released on the April 1st. The song Magic itself sound retro and sexy. The girls look so nice and groovy on the MV lots of sexy tight outfits. The choreography is pretty solid and the body shaking is well let's just say very abundant on this MV. Don't let the mazik repetition annoy you I think the girls are doing it on purpose, I don't why but I think it rolls out on their tongue much easier than pronouncing the word Magic correctly. The question now is, will Secret be able to shake their way up to the charts with Magic?, Definitely.

Do you want to see something cool? Check Secret's teaser MV below. The routine is better than what's in the Magic MV. I love the suspender action way more than anything else on it.

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