Monday, April 19, 2010

Yuna Kim SNSD Run Devil Run Festa On Ice 2010

Yuna Kim Run Devil Run Festa On Ice 2010. This is surprising. Korea's Golden Girl Yuna Kim did a group figure skating routine yesterday on the 2010 Fest On Ice event to the tune of Girls' Generation's Run Devil Run. Basically it's Run Devil Run on ice and it's awesome. Yuna Kim is looking very fabulous, as well as flawless. Her dress is gorgeous, seriously, it looks fantastic. The performance is nice and I like the fact that you can see Yuna Kim enjoying it, I think I just caught her trying to lip sync the song while doing the dance. Seeing her do what she do best in this event alone is simply electrifying. You might feel this post is out of place since Yuna Kim isn't a Kpop artist but you must also know that she is Korea's pride on her own right and that what makes her a part of the general idea of this blog. If you still disagree, you can just hate me but I'm still posting this and add a new Yuna Kim category. LOL. Check the video of the performance below.

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