Monday, May 3, 2010

SNSD Caribbean Bay Picture and Wallpaper

SNSD Caribbean Bay Picture and Wallpaper. Yes it's here! This is the first picture to be released for Girls' Generation members Seo Hyun, Yuri and Yoona's super hot CF for Caribbean Bay. Seriously, if someone staring at this and doesn't conjure a massive nosebleed within seconds, is definitely not human.Yoona and Yuri is totally made for this CF but Seo Hyun, I mean she got the looks and the body to pull this off as well but I believe it must have taken the management a solid convincing power to make Seo Hyun do this. I might be wrong also but I just can't help it, Seo Hyun has this very immaculate image in my mind way far from her wearing a tank top and super tight red little shorts. I guess it is just me.More updates to include more pictures as soon as I find them.

WALLPAPER 3150 x 1772

Credit: As tagged

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