Sunday, May 16, 2010

SNSD Goobne Chicken Wallpaper

SNSD is Goobne Chicken's primary celebrity endorser for some time now and here's the latest SNSD Goobne Chicken wallpaper.Girls' Generation should do a stunt and run a Goobne Chicken shop or something like that, now that would be awesome! I know, it's just my thought. The girls are all looking gorgeous on that black and white color scheme. But what happened to Hyo Yeon's skirt? is it supposed to look like that? All the girls have their pants and skirts pressed tight and nice except for hers. Anyway, my girl Seo Hyun is rockin' it fabulous! She's the super pretty girl fourth from left, in case you can't tell SNSD members from one another and it is also for you guys to remember her face, and put in mind that she is mine.

Belated Happy Birthday to SNSD Sunny!

I know it's a long shot but here's my personal message for SNSD Sunny:

생일 축하. 좀 더 성공적인 미래에 당신과 소녀 시대을 기원합니다. 유지 다정하고 재밌 어서 당신이 있습니다. 파이팅!

I forgot that SNSD Sunny can read, write and speak in English, so here's my message again, in case Google Translate fail me and spit out some weird and awkward translation:

Happy Birthday. I wish you and Girls' Generation more success in the future. Stay sweet and funny as you are. Fighting!

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