Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SNSD LG Cyon Optimus Wallpapers Pictures


SNSD recently lend their pretty faces and super stardom to LG, this time for LG’s Cyon Optimus android phone. It’s a shame that not all of the SNSD members are on this one. The Girl’s Generation members that are on the LG promotion are Tae Yeon, Yuri, Yoona, Tiffany and of course my girl Seo Hyun.

These set of wallpapers are very delicious and the five SNSD members looks gorgeous as usual, it’s a given and sometimes I’m sick of repeating it because when you look up SNSD in the dictionary it’s listed under the word “gorgeous”. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the SNSD LG Cyon Optimus wallpapers.
Wallpaper size is 1600 x 1050 please click each image to view the bigger version.


First up is my lovely girl Seo Hyun. Looking very nice in a pale blue long sleeved top with an almost matching skirt which highlights the undeniable flawless pair of legs of this youngest Girls’ Generation member. The only downside? well, why do they always make her wear ponytails? I know she looks sweet and all but come on people, it has been proven countless time that “sexy” works on her. (I think I should blame the LG concept for this promotion.)


Next is SNSD leader Tae Yeon on a simple blouse as a top and a dark blue skirt….wait, there’s something wrong with this skirt. First it looks weird, I don’t like it and next it is very short. I know it’s very unusual for me to complain about women wearing super short skirts but this one on Tae Yeon just looks awkward. I guess their stylist did this to make Tae Yeon’s legs appear longer. It works for me. Optical illusion. Clever.


Third is Tiffany. I have to say this is my favorite picture in this set. Tiffany looks refreshingly beautiful in a pale orange top and a lovely white skirt. I don’t know about you guys but I find her skirt very sexy. The finger over the mouth pose makes everything else perfect. Chic.


Next is…who is this? Yuri? Yuri-shi? LOL she doesn’t look like Yuri at first glance. Now, that is funny. Yuri is always perceived to be the hot one. It’s because it’s a habit of her to do the sexy dance moves with minimum effort. Her dancing style is very sexy by default. She wears a tight top on this one and a skirt similar to Tiffany’s but only pink. Sexy but still funny because it took me a few seconds to realize that it is Yuri in fact. LOL.


Last but the least is of course Yoona. Why does she always looks so really pretty in pictures?!? It’s because she’s Yoona. She’s a model. She looks pretty even when she’s goofing around. She’s the only one wearing a full dress matching a dark colored belt plus some big necklace looking cutesy and all. I have to yield. I’ll reconsider my pick and I’m going to choose Yoona as my favorite picture in this set.


Sasmita said...

Beautiful pics!
Tiffany is cutest of all (I feel)... these tiny-mini dresses make everyone look so sweet :)


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Freud said...

Why have you stopped updating your blog?!!! How do I subscribe? :(

drifoy said...

Hi Freud, I've been really busy but I'm going to resume updating soon. Please us the RSS button on the right sidebar to subscribe. Thanks for dropping by and please do come back soon.

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