Monday, April 12, 2010

After School Uee Cool Shot Dance Video

After School Uee Cool Shot Dance is the latest CF for Lotte Alcohol that features the super hot Uee of After School.The CF is 30 seconds long and they manage to fit a sweet and sexy dance of Uee enough to make your nose bleed for the next 30 minutes. She's wearing a short mini dress which exposes 90% of her gorgeous legs in mu opinion. The dance move is as cheesy as it gets but one thing is clear on it, Uee is trying to be sexy and stay cute at the same time. She pulls it off nicely, which is kinda expected since Uee has a very adorable face and a great well proportioned body. This CF is definitely all about Uee's delicious legs and yes they will go very well with every shot of soju. Check the videos below and see what I am talking about.

This version is spicy. The Uee clones is a nice touch makes you wish you'll have one.Watch out for the Uee shake at :25, it will knock you out.

This version has more cheese on it but still spicy. Watch out for the Uee S-wave starting at :14, this is where your nose starts to bleed while you're still on the floor knocked out.

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