Monday, April 12, 2010

Lee Hyori Chitty Chitty Bang Bang MV Teaser

Lee Hyori Chitty Chitty Bang Bang MV teaser is released today and from what I've expected it is inspired by Lady Gaga. Hyori's new look, the theme of the MV and even the whole feel of the song have similarities with Lady Gaga's style. I'm waiting for the full MV that will be released tomorrow and see what's more on this latest offering from the queen of Kpop who is no other than Lee Hyori.

By the way it looks like she's using an actual sample of the song and an actual clip from the MV unlike the recent teasers released by different Kpop girl groups which uses an instrumental background music which cannot be found in the album and a clip of a different routine not found in the actual MV, like in the case of Secret with their teaser for the Magic MV.

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