Friday, April 30, 2010

f(x) Nu Abo MV Teaser

f(x) Nu Abo MV Teaser. Girl group f(x) will release their first ever mini album on May 3, 2010. The rookie girl group will be out for blood with their title track release called Nu Abo which could have a general meaning of New Blood. I'm not really a fan of f(x) but I am open minded when it comes to girl groups and I believe f(x) have a high percentage of making it big in the Kpop scene and beat up the odds. The concept for their first mini album is not that fresh but their attitude is I believe the factor that will carry the concept and bring a positive effect. The Nu Abo MV teaser is an evidence of that, fast electronic beats, grunge feel and on your face attitude. With that I can bet on the thought that f(x) will come out hard and knock out some in the Kpop scene. But that still depends if they too will pull another SNSD Run Devil Run MV teaser or Secret Magic MV teaser. If that happens, a large chunk of my interest towards them will immediately just fly out the window. Check the f(x) Nu Abo MV Teaser below and don't hesitate to speak your mind in the comments.

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