Thursday, April 29, 2010

SNSD LG Cyon Cooky CF Behind The Scene Picture

SNSD LG Cyon Cooky CF Behind The Scene Picture. Here's a picture of the SNSD girls during the filming of their LG Cyon Cooky CF. The girls are looking absolutely gorgeous and of course the CF will be nothing without its selling point, yes, there is another selling point besides Girls' Generation and that is, each members beautiful pair of legs. The lucky guys behind them are no other than the CF staff themselves, in case your wondering. I love Seo Hyun's dress, not because it is short and takes advantage of her long legs(as usual) but because it's cute(I don't believe that either).Seo Hyun and that dress is driving me nuts right now. Can't wait for the high quality official pictures and wallpapers. Click the picture above for the bigger version.

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