Saturday, April 3, 2010

Secret Han Sun Hwa

Secret Han Sun Hwa is my kind of girl. Secret's youngest member didn't fail to get my attention in the Magic MV. She almost lost to Hyo Sung's hypnotic bending and shaking. But her she is now and I am doing a full post about her.

After watching the Magic MV I scrambled to find more information about Han Sun Hwa. The results are not all dreamy and perfect which is just normal. She has fans and she has a handful of haters as well. I am not new to the Kpop scene and I very well know that netizens can be generally awesome and could be downright nasty at times. I might not have found out all the stuff written about Han Sun Hwa(as if it matters), still the decision belongs to me, if I like her or not. So? As of this day, I am a Han Sun Hwa fan. I intend to find out more about her and support her in any way I'm able to including her group Secret.

Here's Sunhwa being intimated by Hyunah, a clip from Invincible Youth

And yes I just did a back to back post for Secret. ^^

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Anonymous said...

i love what you wrote and am also a big big fan of sunhwa especially in invincible youth, she is really cute and funny. called as blank sunhwa haha because she acts like she doesnt know anything and in MATH wow she know nothing, but realy cute.

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