Thursday, September 2, 2010

SNSD Seo Hyun Oh My Goddess by TRAX Pictures

SNSD Seo Hyun Oh My Goddess by TRAX came as a surprise to me. I'm ecstatic! SNSD Seo Hyun finally is in the spotlight that she rightfully deserves. Let's start with TRAX whom I have never heard of until now, TRAX is a Kpop rock band that was formed back in 2004 under SM Entertainment (yes, same agency with SNSD) they are composed of two male members know as Typhoon and X-mas. Seriously. Also, their former producer is Yoshiki, the co-founder of X Japan.

Oh My Goddess MV features SNSD Seo Hyun, honestly I can't think of any other girl that would be better for Seo Hyun's role on the MV. Seo Hyun is also featured on the cover of TRAX 2nd mini album and guess what Seo Hyun is wearing? a wedding dress! my Seo Hyun dreams do come true. The MV is going to be released today and I am anxious to see it. I'll be doing a full review of the MV and I'm telling you now that it's going to be crazily Seo Hyuntastic!

Check out the Oh My Goddess MV teaser below which I think is very dreamy and a few related pictures that features SNSD Seo Hyun in her purest form.


and a high resolution picture of my lovely Seo Hyun with TRAX

and a bonus, SNSD Seo Hyun animated gifs!

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