Tuesday, April 13, 2010

After School Uee Soju CF Pictures

After School Uee Soju CF pictures. Yesterday you have seen the cool shot dance video of Uee's new soju CF for Lotte Alcohol and today I bring you the promotional pictures. If you still have nosebleeds due to the videos I've posted yesterday these pictures will make it worse. I never paid enough attention to Uee since all of them at After School are hands down pretty. So now I just realized how picture perfect Uee's face is and yes her S line is undeniably flawless. I like the red dress in this set but since the blue one is much tighter and compliments Uee's gorgeous body and highlights her assets more, it is my favorite out of this pictures set. Check out the pictures below, too bad there is no hi resolution versions yet. Bigger pictures of Uee would be heaven.

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