Sunday, April 4, 2010

T-ara Qri Sexy Tattoo Pictures

T-ara Qri has recently caught the attention of fans when two pictures of her appeared online. But this are not your regular selca pictures or something similar. This pictures features T-ara's Qri wearing a green sleeveless top and a sexy shorts. So? To me there's nothing wrong with it and those are not even provocative poses, so what's the fuss all about? Apparently it's the second picture below that created quite a stir.

This is a shot of Qri from the back, notice something? yes, it's a tattoo or a part of it showing from the right side of her waist. Of course impressions of fans towards Qri started to change because of that tattoo which are not even confirmed to be authentic. There are words spreading around that it's photoshopped. So what's my take on this matter? I see Qri the way I see her sing and perform. Tattoo or no tattoo, nothing changes. Qri is a beautiful girl with a great body, I think it is her right to flaunt what she got and be comfortable with it.

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so hot

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