Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Orange Caramel Magic Girl MV

Orange Caramel Magic Girl MV is out recently and I think they already did a debut performance in Music Core which fans refer to as a sweet debut! I just quoted the Orange Caramel fans on that line. When I first posted about Orange Caramel here, I said I was eager to see how the subgrouping will work on the Kpop scene since it is a first, that is why After School turned Orange Caramel fans refer to the concept as fresh and cute. Also most comments that I read said that Orange Caramel is very Jpop or got the idea from Jpop idol groups with their rotational subgrouping, duh, that's the whole point of it. Watch Orange Caramel's debut single Magic Girl MV below and see what I mean.

Magic Girl by Orange Caramel have it all, pretty girls in cute outfits, pink sets for the music video, nursery rhyme sounding song. The only thing missing? is the Japanese lyrics!(kidding) Orange Caramel in my opinion have achieved their goal in terms of the concept and the song, After School fans have taken it with a positive and supportive attitude, that is what's important right? but for me it is still a disaster. I started out as a Jpop idols fan but got tired of waiting for them to grow out of their monotonous concept so I shifted to Kpop idols which already has variety and almost random concepts, which makes things fun and surprising. Orange Caramel is the first in the Kpop scene with this move but if other Kpop girl groups picks up the idea(i hope they won't) and clones it rather than do something with it by making it better, then for sure this is the very trend that will turn the direction of Kpop downhill.

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