Saturday, June 12, 2010

After School Lost 5 Members and Turned Into Orange Caramel

After School is not disbanding if that is what you're thinking. After School recently ended their successful Bang! promotions but their schedule is not going to go empty since all of the girls are going to continue with their different projects. After School leader Park Ga Hee is busy with her solo debut single? and my girl Uee is of course busy being hot while filming her drama Birdie Buddy. But the focus of this post and what I am also eager to see are After School members Raina, Lizzy and Nana debuting as a trio called Orange Caramel. So why is it interesting? Well, except for the fact that the three girls are very gorgeous, this is the first time I've seen an existing Kpop girl group being broke down into a subgroup. Subgrouping is common with Jpop idol groups and I am really familiar with how it works. With  the same strategy applied to a Kpop girl group makes me really interested and anxious to see the outcome.

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