Saturday, July 10, 2010

4minute Hit Your Heart Asia Edition DVD

4minute has been very explosive with their second mini album Hit Your Heart lately. Can't blame them, for they have all the needed qualities to make it in the Kpop scene and that includes being so hot at all times. Since this success shouldn't be missed and fans can't get enough of 4minute they released a special treat for their fans all over Asia and the world as well in the form of 4minute Hit Your Heart Asia Edition DVD.
The special pack CD comes with a DVD that contains definite good 4minute stuffs listed below:

CD tracklist

1. Who's next? (feat. Beast)
2. Huh
3. Invitation
4. I My Me Mine
5. Bababa
6. Highlight
7. Cool and Natural


1. Huh (MV)
2. Huh (BTS)
3. Asia Tour Taiwan
4. Asia Tour Philippines
5. Asia Tour Thailand
6. Asia Tour Hong Kong
7. Asia Tour Japan

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