Sunday, July 4, 2010

Miss A: Another Kpop Girl Group from JYP

Miss A, yes that is the group's name since all of the cool and clever Kpop idol group names has already been taken by existing Kpop idol groups and upcoming ones. I just can't just get enough of this, obviously, so does JYP Entertainment. Miss A is the newest idea out of Park Jin-young's brilliant mind, founder and owner of JYP Entertainment, who is also the mastermind behind the Kpop phenomenon known as the Wonder Girls who are currently wreaking havoc in the United States and the Billboard charts (Sunye saranghae!). Also Park Jin-young's prodigal son Rain recently won the 2010 MTV Movie Awards Biggest Badass trophy which pissed off Stephen Colbert big time.

Now going back to the topic, Miss A is made up of four members Fei, Jia Suzy and Min. Their training under JYP Entertainment reached up to 7 years. They are scheduled for debut this July and because I am very busy this past few weeks I just heard about it today, which is kind of sad for me as a Kpop fan. *sigh* My first impression of Miss A as a new Kpop female idol group is that they look pretty(which they have to be) but the feisty kind, I feel positive about their debut and they sound good. I need to follow up more on Miss A and their debut activities in the Kpop scene as well as the response that they will get from Kpop fans and I'll be back here for another Miss A post.

Miss A debuted with Bad but Good as the debut album and Bad Girl, Good Girl as the debut single. The group's official label and management company is AQ Entertainment which is a sub label and is owned by JYP Entertainment.

and the Miss A members:

Soo Ji

Ji Ah




Anonymous said...

Nice post ;) I like miss A, I think that they're talented and pretty ;) can't wait to see more of them!

drifoy said...

thanks :D although i'm not that into Miss A I believe that they have what it takes to make it big plus i'm always excited when there's a new player on the table ;)

Anonymous said...

I love them so so much!

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